Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mid-Week Mash Up: Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent

Famously peripatetic, prodigiously entrepreneurial, and seriously media savvy designer/decorator Nate Berkus has, it seems, officially decamped The Big Apple for the City of Angels where he's settled in domestic bliss with his furniture making designer/decorator fianc√©e, Jeremiah Brent—of The Rachel Zoe Project semi-fame, into a petite, Hollywood Regency style residence that's tucked up into the tail end of a quiet cul de sac in the Hollywood Hills with a long history of high-profile residents.

The house, designed in 1939 by the legendary John Elgin Woolf, measures in at about 2,150 square feet, according to property records, and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a pavilion flanked plunge pool that nests perfectly into a sexy, curved glass wall in the living room.

Immediately upon securing the keys to the crib the couple did what well-connected and deep pocketed nice-gay decorators always do...They decorated! Because it's a rental* they had to work with a number of features they could not change, i.e. marble inlaid parquet floors and a flawless mint green range from the 1950s. They slapped some paint around—the jet black walls in the master bedroom are of particular note—and filled the house with multi-textured, mixy-matchy/high-low melange of masculine furniture and day-core. Then, because they can, they called up the venerable fashion rag Harper's Bazaar who sent over the fab (and fantastically mustachioed) photographer Douglas Friedman to take some pictures of the couple lounging around in designer suits amid in their gussied up love nest that adheres to a fairly strict and sophisticated palette of "black, white, saddle, and bourbon."**

*Some reports that indicate the couple purchased the house but Your Mama is pretty dang sure they rented the residence. Not only do property records not reflect a recent transfer of ownership we dug up loads of digital evidence the house was recently listed for lease at $7,900 per month.

**Let's be honest. We have no idea if the Misters Berkus and/or Brent called Harper's Bazaar. For all Your Mama knows, H.P. came a knocking all on their own accord, right? Anyways...

photo: Douglas Friedman for Harper's Bazaar

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